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  • Shabby Chic Bunnies (Set of 3 Wooden Shelf Sitters) Kit

    Shabby Chic Bunnies (Set of 3 Wooden Shelf Sitters) Kit

    These adorable scrapbook paper bunnies are sure to make you smile! Each kit includes THREE laser-cut wooden shelf sitters, so you can paint, glue and assemble all three yourself, or enjoy a fun afternoon or evening with a date or friend! They're also perfect for kids, but please note younger kids should be supervised with glue and paint. Each kit consists of three laser-cut wooden bunnies (a 5" tall bunny, a 6" tall bunny, and a 7" tall bunny) along with ears, nose, belly and feet for each (also laser-cut). Kit comes with a set of three brushes (a detail brush, a medium flat brush, and a larger flat brush), paint for the eyes, noses and feet, scrapbook paper (laser-cut to size) and glue for the applicable parts, a color picture of the finished product, and detailed step-by-step instructions. A step-by-step video is also available and the link is included with purchase! 


Non-Canvas Kits (Wood Kits, etc.)


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